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Directed by Scott Laserow and reviewed by Dermot Mac Cormack


◆   Teens and young adults

◆   Students and educators

◆   General public


A campaign established by an educational science program to produce accessible publications to inform people about the history of genetic engineering and its diverse applications.

Offer an alternative digital experience that can engage new and existing readers.


Formatting the digital publication to present information in a different medium while keeping it simple, intuitive, and engaging with avid e-book readers.


Introducing interactive features, content, and a flexible layout can engage e-book and traditional book readers. Instructional design and iconography serve as guidelines for intuitive navigation for any level of user experience.


The letter “G” resembles Gmod and a DNA strand. I elevated the sophistication and dimension, by applying a gradient texture to suggest a transition.

The gradient motif was carefully carried across the book and is representative of transformation.

The primary goal of the website was to introduce the topic and the campaign’s digital publications.

This website was created using:

WordPress & Divi

Its ipad app exposes readers to interactive elements and video in a literary platform.

This publication app was created in:

Indesign & Mag+

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