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Directed by Scott Laserow


◆   Cross-generation of gamers

◆   Competitive esports players and community


The IOC, International Olympic Committee, has been discussing the possibility of integrating esports, electronic sports, into the Olympics to engage younger generations. Adding esports would open up new revenues with billions in profits from sponsorships and welcoming new audiences of over 320 million globally.

Create an exciting brand for an Olympic event that brings people together from different disciplines, communities, cultures, and generations.


An issue arises when a fast-pace and highly fragmented sector such as esports incorporates itself into a steady-going and well-established giant institution with a complex infrastructure.

The challenge is to create a feasible brand that showcases esports as a viable and thriving official event in spite of the internal and external divisive factors.



The brand embraces technological trends with retro gaming aesthetics to shorten the gap between generations. Merging customs from traditional sports and gaming culture bring more people together and engage people online in a way that hasn’t been done before.

The mark embodies the spirit of the Olympics and gaming culture by combining the Olympic rings with four directional buttons on a gaming controller. The font I used for “wired” imitates the electronic cables and cords from a gaming setup.

This promotional poster is reminiscent of fighting games back in the late 1990s and early 2000s. The aesthetics were heavily inspired by gaming visual effects and interfaces.

I broke the monotony of athletic team uniforms that were represented in previous e-sport events by playing with the composition of content.

It was imperative to reference commonalities between gaming and traditional sports culture by including accessible consumables for social gatherings.

The responsive website features VR technology to the Olympics and offer the audience new experiences and accessibilities that are exclusive to virtual sports.

This website was created using:

WordPress & Divi

The promotional trailer is composed of clips and segments from the featured game trailers and footages of previous e-sport competitions.

This trailer was edited in:

Adobe After Effects

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