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Emma Tran

Graphic & Interactive Designer / Animator

Directed by : Scott Laserow

Branding, Animation, Web, Packaging, Poster

Wired : The Gaming Olympics is an esports, electronic sports, event for the Olympics. The IOC, International Olympic Committee, has been discussing the high possibility of integrating esports to the Olympics to engage the younger generations. Competitive gaming has been around for decades with yearly tournaments and competitions that occur globally.

Stage 1 : Sketches

The logo merges the original Olympic rings with directional buttons on gaming consoles. Its vibrant colors were also inspired by the Olympic rings, and they symbolize the different genre of games: fighting, shooting, moba and sports.

Stage 2 : Logo

The finalized font that I selected for “Wired”, plays off the idea of electronic cables and cords.

Stage 3 : Posters

These promotional poster installations were designed to create awareness for the gaming event with its bright and vibrant colors. Its motifs were inspired by game effects and visual interfaces.

Stage 4 : Jersey

I wanted to design a jersey for players that incorporated similar motifs and added more visuals than normal athletic uniforms.

Stage 5 : Gaming snacks

What is a fun gaming event without any sweet and salty snacks? Hungry visitors can get a bag of gaming snacks packed with salty pretzels, chocolates and cheesy snacks. If they are up for a challenge, an extremely spicy Carolina reaper alternative is available too!

Stage 6 : Energy drinks

Energy drinks aren’t the healthiest drinks out there, but I wanted to offer an alternative by designing caffeine-free energy drinks. The choice of colors represent aspects of the game. Blue relates to energy which allows you to do certain actions or skills, while red represents healing and your health.

Stage 7 : Player ID card

This lanyard is provided for players, and it helps others to identify other team members, their representing countries and their respective game.

Stage 8 : Website

Wired has a responsive website that lets people visit the webpage whether on their computer at home or out somewhere far. The website is there to inform viewers about the different games, events and the event schedule.

Stage 9 : Responsive website

Program : WordPress, Divi

Visit the website and learn more about the world of VR! It allows viewers to float around in 3rd person during a match, or watch through your favorite player’s eyes, in 1st person perspective. It takes watching sports to a whole new level!

Stage 10 : Trailer

Program : After effects

This trailer was edited and animated for the big gaming event. It starts off with an animation of the logo and transitions into the different game categories. The video editing was composed of clips from various esports footages and game trailers.

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