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◆   Environmentalists

◆   Economists

◆   Health-conscious young adults

◆   Students and adults


Urbanization is a featured interactive exhibition at the Mammal Museum. It explores urgent health, environment, and economic issues that stem from rapid urban growth and expansion in less developed countries around the world.

The goal is to display information in a clear and engaging way. It also serves as a call for participants to take action.


The exhibit’s interactive devices and apps need to provide data and statistics about affected areas around the world in a clean and eloquent manner.


The Urbanization app was designed to allow its user to search, explore, and navigate the exhibit with an augmented reality function using their built-in camera. The app layout is designed to instruct users and then lead them to act after obtaining a sufficient understanding of the multifaceted threat.

While brainstorming key words and ideas, it was helpful to visualize a story using bar graphs, buildings, and an upward pointing arrow to illustrate a sharp increase in infrastructure. The finalized logo was an amalgamate of all three ideas.

Before entering the exhibition, posters will be displayed to draw visitors in. The exhibition itself will have interactive components such as kiosks and screens for visitors to operate and engage with.

The book gives readers a short summary of the varying economic, health, and environmental effects of rapid urbanization in various developing countries in parts of Africa, South America, and Asia. Its layout exemplifies the compact structural compartments that can be seen in urban infrastructure.

Users can download the exhibition phone app and explore on the world map to learn about a specific country’s or continent’s city and population growth.

Anyone can download the free phone application from the app store and lets users interact with miniature representational models around the exhibit. Statistics and 3D models will be displayed on their device through the Urbanization app.

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On the responsive website, people can learn more about the issue, the exhibit, obtain the book, contact information, or how to get involved. It offers people the ability to acquire online information and connect with professionals.

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The animated trailer uses motion graphics, images, and typography to portray the repeating theme of spiraling numbers and rising poverty-stricken conditions.

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