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Emma Tran

Graphic & Interactive Designer / Animator

Directed by : Jon Krause, Kelly Holohan

Illustration, Posters

My social political posters cover current issues and discussions such as child marriages, the European refugee crisis and gun control.

Directed by : Kelly Holohan

Applications : Photoshop

S.O.S: Save Our Syrians relates to the European refugee crisis in 2015. It illustrates the powerful imagery of Syrians who risk their lives and everything to make a treacherous journey across the Mediterranean sea for their safety and a chance at life away from their war-torn homeland. A total of over 5 million people have fled and struggle to find a place to call their home. It is our duty as fellow humans to reach out and to help other people who are calling out for help.

This was my typographic approach to the refugee crisis poster. I was inspired by the numerous photos and imagery of people stranded out at sea. Syrian refugees were crossing the sea in tiny, crowded and poorly crafted boats that run into the risk of sinking at any time. A particular photo of Alan Kurdi, a young child whose body washed up on the Turkish shores, struck me. It left me pondering, what if that child received the attention and help that he needed. This tragic story inspired me to create a typographic illustration as a call for help.

Directed by : Jon Krause

Materials : Colored and wrapping paper, Pen, Photoshop

Child marriages occur for different reasons, whether it is due to poverty, gender inequality, or traditions, young girls under the age of 18 are forced by their families or guardians to marry older men to start a family. There are many serious implications that are involved such as both physical and mental health and development, a loss of education and future prospect, which leave these girls in an endless cycle of poverty.

The illustration for this poster was inspired by the traditional custom of henna art in certain cultures. When a girl or woman gets married they have a henna artist come in to draw temporary henna tattoos all over the bride’s hands and sometimes extend up their arms. I wanted to portray the chains within the henna art to symbolize the loss of freedom, choice, opportunities and sometimes their own lives from serious health issues.

Directed by : Jon Krause

Materials : Colored paper and Photoshop

The need for stricter gun control and the escalating occurrences of school shootings have been a hot debate in the United States. Issues around the many social stigmas that promote the idea that mentally ill people are more violent are prevalent. However, it seems like the topic of a more thorough screening process or mandatory background checks is being steered around or dismissed.

I wanted to illustrate a patient lying in a psychiatric couch, talking and gesticulating with their hands, to symbolize the topic of mental health that is being placed in the spotlight. The shadow that the couch casts resembles the lurking gun issue that is visible in plain sight.

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