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Emma Tran

Graphic & Interactive Designer / Animator

Directed by : Dermot Mac Cormack

Branding, Packaging

Play Cafe is a family friendly restaurant that welcomes people of any and all ages to eat and play, together. It is a safe and engaging environment that will fill your appetite and intrigue your taste buds with its elevated and modernized twist on classic childhood American foods and snacks.

The concept for this fictional restaurant was to evoke the feeling of returning to one’s childhood. I wanted to create a visceral environment where one could enjoy and share their meals and memories with family and friends. Though, you don’t have to long for your childhood to enjoy a sophisticated kid’s meal.

Stage 1 : Sketches

I envisioned a logo that would embody the qualities of a child: carefree, simple, playful and imaginative. And that’s where my sketches usually begin. I jot down a list of key words for myself to help me brainstorm key ideas. You will also find pages and pages of small sketches covered with these two words. It took a while just to find an appropriate balance and weight.

Stage 2 : Logo

As I was reflecting on the different types of fun activities at the cafe, finger painting popped into my head. I saw this as a great opportunity to create two eyes and a tongue in replacement for the stem of the “Y”. I wanted to find a font to balance out but contrast the typeface enough without taking too much attention away from it.

Stage 3 : Menu

The menu was designed so that when the customers walk in, they are presented with a notepad that lists the menu items. It becomes a more interactive experience by letting people check off their selection. One version of the menu is for the big kids where adult choices are offered and another menu for the children.

Stage 4 : Take out box

The design for the packaging derives from the hand drawn designs from the logo and the place mat. I wanted to add fun details and elements to the collaterals such as the silly straw for the drinks, and a toy block as the take out box.

Stage 5 : Coloring place mat

Applications : Photoshop

This place mat illustration style was carried throughout the designs for the collaterals.

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