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◆   Teens and young adults

◆   Students and educators

◆   General public


Gmod: Genetic Modification was established by an educational science program to produce accessible publications that aim to inform people about the history of genetic engineering and its diverse applications.

These publications were intended to distinguish fact from fiction.


Formatting the digital publication to present information in a different medium while making it simple and engaging with the reader.


The digital publication introduces a timeline and prefaces its history and development over the years. It was important that the reader could easily maneuver through the app. I used instructions and iconography as guidelines for quick and intuitive navigation.


An aspect of genetic modification involves altering the DNA and genome of an organism. I saw that as an opportunity to integrate a DNA strand with the letter “G” to represent Gmod and genome. In addition to that, to bring a level of sophistication and dimension, I applied a gradient texture that also implicates the concept of transitioning and change.

The Gmod book explains the scientific process and its previous, current, and future applications. The gradient theme was carefully carried across the book and is representative of transformation. The grid layout allowed for a balanced composition of texts and images.

The responsive website website can be accessed on both mobile and desktop.

Readers can tap and view body of texts and images in a new and engaging way with the digital publication.

Gmod has a single scroll responsive website that allows people to access information, purchase the book and download its app.

This website was created using:

WordPress & divi

This interactive app allows people to read and engage with each page as they scroll through.

This trailer was edited in:

Indesign & Mag+

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