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Emma Tran

Graphic & Interactive Designer / Animator

Directed by : Scott Laserow & Dermot Mac Cormack

Digital publication, Editorial, Branding, Web, App

Gmod: Genetic Modification is an educational program that aims to educate people about the history of genetic engineering and the varying applications of genetic modification both positively and negatively. Humans have used genetic modification to benefit humanity across the spectrum of breeds from crops to animals and humans. That is not to say that there are no issues with it either, but Gmod helps to distinguish the fact from fiction.

Stage 1 : Sketches & logo

Genetic modification involves altering the Dna and genome of an organism. I started playing with the way the Dna could be used to represent Genetic Modification or Genetic Engineering. Eventually, after long sessions of staring at my sketches and images of Dna strands, I started to see the letter “G”. It took some time to make it look organic, but I settled for one of my sketches. I decided to test out and add the gradient texture, which gave it more sophistication and dimension.

Stage 2 : Catalogue

The Gmod catalogue explains the process and discovery of genetic modification, as well as its varying uses and applications. The layout has gradient lines to represent transformation. The grid layout allowed me to create a balanced composition for the body of texts and images.

Stage 3 : ipad App

The interactive ipad app was created as an alternate experience of the catalogue. Readers can tap and view body of texts in a new and engaging way.

Stage 4 : Website

Gmod is a single scroll responsive website that allows people to access basic information, purchase the catalogue and its app.

Stage 5 : Catalogue

Applications : Indesign, Photoshop

The catalogue explains the development of genetic modification and how the process is used to alter different species of crops, animals and humans.

Stage 6 : Responsive website

Applications : WordPress, Divi

Gmod’s website can be accessed on both mobile and desktop.

Stage 7 : Interactive app

Applications : Indesign, Mag+

The ipad app gives readers a different experience from the catalogue as a digital publication. This app allows people to read and interact with each page as they scroll through to learn more about Gmod.

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