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Emma Tran

Graphic & Interactive Designer / Animator

Directed by : Scott Laserow

Corporate branding, Packaging

A playful confectionery store that offers a variety of sweets and delights to satisfy your sweet tooth.

Stage 1 : Sketches

As I was writing down a list of descriptive words, the word “fluff” made me think of fluffy animals and sweets. I immediately thought of cotton candy and the sheep’s wool imitated a similar form.

Stage 2 : Business cards

The business cards are sweet and small like candy. It has rounded soft corners to fit the logo and identity.

Stage 3 : Take out bag

This candy store’s take out bag possesses a unique handle that emulates the outlines of the sheep. Tied onto the logo itself is a silk ribbon bow over its shoes to give the character an extra touch of sweetness.

Stage 4 : Branding stationary

The corporate branding includes a cover letter and stationary, business cards and a folder. The folder’s interior is designed with consideration to small details of the dancing sheep. The floating ribbons are seen behind the upper half of the sheep which becomes the folder’s pocket.

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