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Emma Tran

Graphic & Interactive Designer / Animator

Directed by : Scott Laserow

Branding, Editorial, Web, Packaging

Cast – A – Tray is a Polynesian restaurant that was created for those who are seeking a luxurious and carefree experience on an island. Customers will be offered a choice from a selection of set course meals. This will take away the stress and worries of decision-making and allow visitors to immerse themselves with the beautiful surrounding and the cultural experiences.

Stage 1 : Sketches

The inspiration behind my initial sketches for the logo came from Polynesian tattoo designs and tiki masks. However, the level of sophistication was lacking for the brand, so I decided to leave out these characters. My direction focused on a simpler and more elegant imagery to highlight the essence of the restaurant.

Stage 2 : Logo

The final logo for Cast – A – Tray presents itself as a tray of seafood such as: fishes, a clam and a squid. I wanted to illustrate the idea of being on a tropical island by including strong visuals while still retaining elements of the tattoo designs. The hand-drawn typeface added more to the natural aesthetic that I was aiming for.

Stage 3 : Website

A responsive website for both desktop and mobile allows people to visit the page and view the menu prior to the visit. The website also allows you to contact and find directions to the restaurant.

Stage 4 : Process Book

The process book covers my complete thought, process and development of the restaurant brand.

Stage 5 : Process book

Applications : Indesign, Photoshop

The process book briefly covers the research, inspiration, development, application and collaterals for Cast – A – Tray.

Stage 6 : Desktop website

Programs : Invision

This is a responsive website that allows visitors to view the menu prior to their visit, find the contact information and directions.

Stage 7 : Phone website

Programs : Invision

This is the phone version of the Cast – A – Tray website.

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