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Interactive Presentation App


◆   Health Professionals (Physicians, Nurses, Pharmacists, etc.)

◆   Buyers


Arcsolis, an imaginary client, is looking to present and communicate the value of their new drug, Capacitrix, to their clients with an interactive app.

Define the structure, aesthetics, and feel of an app that will allow sales representatives to input data and display the product’s true value to their clients.


Effectively communicate the core message of the product through the design that fits the screen restraints and company guidelines.

Sales representatives should be able to easily input new data and instantly update the product’s value to their clients.


By featuring the values of the product through a typographic hierarchy, content prioritization, and minimalism, the designs engage and communicate the client’s message.

Sales representatives can tap on the respective box and adjust the information using a scrolling picker.

A descriptive block diagram communicates the user journey and functional features to a developer or client.

User flow sketches help to visualize and indicate important functions.

The written copy is placed on the grid and blocked out to evaluate the form, weight, and balance.

A professional design was achieved by minimizing elements and conveying key selling points.

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