Social media gifs & animation work


◆   Younger generation

◆   Online audience

◆   Businesses and organizations

Brief and Goal:

Creating an online presence is important for modern businesses and buyers. It’s also a powerful platform to communicate your ideas and stories.

I enjoy creating work that embraces relevant and future trends.


Short and sweet animations on Instagram and other social media platforms can be an effective way to share goals and connect with others.

This frame-by-frame animation encourages people to adopt rescued pets rather than purchasing them from pet stores and breeders. Meaningful friendships can appear at any moment and time in your life and I think it’s wonderful to welcome and embrace such events.

This animation was created using:


Conan O’Brien is a late-night talk show host and comedian on TBS. This is another frame-by-frame animation that touched different aspects of his career and his influence in writing, animation, late-night shows and as a person. The animation covers his transition from his days as a comedic writer on the Simpsons to late-night shows where he created his iconic string dance.

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Neil DeGrasse Tyson is an astrophysicist whose mission is to educate, promote scientific literacy and also share his love of the sciences. He tries to make science fun, accessible and understandable for people of all ages. I wanted to use kinetic type to aid along with his description of how various elements that are found around the universe and how it can be traced back to us. I did so through tweening using After Effects.

This animation was created in:

Adobe After Effects

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