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Hello! My name is Emma Tran.

I am a UI/UX Digital Designer who shapes delightful interactions through sympathetic design to empower users and brands.


A mobile app project that constructs a design system and deliverables based on an existing finance app called MaxRewards.

Research, user flow, sketches, custom iconography, design system, animation, video teaser, wireframes, mockups, prototype

A pharmacy client needs an interactive presentation app to introduce their newest drug to their clients.

User flow, sketches, wireframes, mockups, app prototype

An expansive branding project for an Olympics electronic sports event.

Logo, website, installation, collaterals, promotion and product design

An interactive exhibition within the Mammal Museum aiming to promote awareness about rapid global urbanization.

Logo, website & app prototype, editorial, installation and promotional video

A campaign sponsored by a science and health institute to illuminate people about the misconceptions of genetic engineering.

Logo, website & app prototype, digital publication, editorial, and promotional video

Social media animated gif.

Animation, motion graphic, social media

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