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UI/UX Digital Designer residing in Narberth, Pennsylvania.

Brimming with curiosity and ignited by innovation & ideas in the tech and social sphere.

A pharmacy client needs an interactive presentation app to introduce their newest drug to their clients.

Project type: Updated design test

Block diagrams, sketches, wireframes, mockups, app prototype

An expansive branding project for an Olympics electronic sports event.

Project type: University project

Logo, website, installation, collaterals, promotion and product design

An interactive exhibition within the Mammal Museum aiming to promote awareness about rapid global urbanization.

Project type: University project

Logo, website & app prototype, editorial, installation and promotional video

A campaign sponsored by a science and health institute to illuminate people about the misconceptions of genetic engineering.

Project type: University project

Logo, website & app prototype, digital publication, editorial, and promotional video

Animated gif that was created for social media platforms.

Project type: Personal

Animation, motion graphic, social media

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